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Candida Symptoms

candida symptoms
What are the best supplements/probiotics to take, to get rid of massive Candida infection?

I am too lazy to change my diet, so I’d like to know if there are any specific antifungals/probiotic supplements that work pretty well to destroy an intestinal yeast infection…?

If you managed to cure a Candida/yeast infection, what products or drugs did you take? How well did they work?

I REALLY need help on this as I am faced with a serious health problem that may or may not be Candida Overgrowth, but without medical insurance, I can’t get extensive testing done to figure out what condition I really have. However from my own research, it seems likely that Candida is a major component of my longterm illness, if not the whole thing.

Can you treat Candida effectively with supplements/drugs, without making significant dietary changes?

I’m getting all sorts of symptoms now that keep increasing, something like IBS (I feel things moving in my digestive system, and constipation is severe) and blurry vision/eye pain/bloodshot eyes, water retention, fatigue.. I need some help!

Yeast is controlled in the long run by correcting diet and lifesyle habits. If you don’t want to take charge of your diet and change it to eliminate the fungus permanently you will continue to have issues.

Parasites feed on fungus and fungus feeds on sugars.
Parasites can cause all of the symptoms you are talking about. has homeopathic remedies you can use to cleanse both fungus and parasites from the body.

Changing your diet will eliminate the IBS stuff. To permanently and effectively eliminate fungus and parasites you have to change your diet.

I teach clients everyday how to get well without prescriptions, by changing thier lifestyles, habits and diets.

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