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Lazy Bowel Syndrome

lazy bowel syndrome
Had irritable bowel syndrome?

I was sick for 11 weeks with a stomach ache almost all the time, my appetite is gone, I'm hard to eat and lost over 2 stone now. I am also exhausted all the time, I'm not a normal person lazy, but I need about 15 hours a night of sleep now. Also sometimes I feel I need to go to the bathroom but nothing comes out and I had diarrhea until a few weeks ago. I had a gastroscopy, ultrasound, baruim X-ray and blood tests, I'm not lactose intollerant and I'm not stressed. It took me three different medications for irritable bowel syndrome and none of them has made any difference, we can irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Yes … that's what you say they can not find anything wrong with your colon otherwise. There are two types of IBS. The first is the type of diarrhea, the other is the type of constipation. With the type of constipation, can have a bowel movement a week, then you have a horrible start as constipation, but it gets diarrhea and is very painful (the contractions of the colon). There are many gas and bloating, nausea, etc go to the bathroom eases the pain. I was diagnosed with IBS (constipation type) in 2002. Here is what helps me deal with my own: Avoid dairy products and wheat. Drink peppermint tea to help soothe the colon and improve digestion. Eat several small meals instead of 3 larger. Probiotics Exercise Massage – VSL3 is best. (Order).

Do you have lazy bowels? Laxatives or natural fiber?

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